Cash Bail is Ransom – No Face Sticker 3″x7″


DEFUND PRISONS, FUND COMMUNITY. 3″x 7″ clear vinyl sticker. details below.

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CASH BAIL IS RANSOM. The spirits rise to move resources from prisons and policing into valuable community needs! The sticker is printed on high quality waterproof clear vinyl, perfect for laptops, water bottles, or anything needing a cute and vengeful anti carceral spirits.

I am exchanging these stickers for contributions to Chicago Community Jail Support, a mutual aid collective supporting folks being released from Cook County Jail. From each sale, $2 go to Cori to cover production expenses. The remaining proceeds go to Chicago Community Jail Support.

Stickers are shipped within a week in an envelope without tracking information. I do not currently have the capacity to ensure delivery. However, if your sticker does not make it to you, email or DM me and I will do my best to replace your sticker for you.

Sticker based on an original design I made for a banner in support of the Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice and the Pretrial Fairness Act. The banner design was conceived within A Just Chi’s Abolition & Community Building Workgroup meetings, and was painted in coalition with A Just Chi and Nikkei Uprising.

The design and work wouldn’t exist without: Shweta Moorthy, Andrea Chu, Anne Watanabe, Anjali Misra, sydney aiko hamamoto, JJ Ueunten, Mari Shiratori, Julie Liang, Lauren Lin, Christian Aldana Sanders, Eugenia Huang, Rebecca BurWei, and Julie Wernick.

Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice

A Just Chi

Nikkei Uprising