I am accountable to communities in Chicago and Minneapolis. As an artist and organizer, I strive to be in solidarity with other communities of color to fight for Black and queer liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, the end of empire and climate justice. My intention is to push all of us to imagine futures beyond this current dimension, and to make art that fuels action.

My art roots Asian American folks in collective struggle by visualizing narratives and illuminating concepts of abolition, community care and generational curse-breaking. Currently, I organize with Nikkei Uprising, A Just Chi’s Abolition & Community Building Workgroup, and the Tsuru for Solidarity Prisons and Policing Workgroup. 

photo by alec ozawa
photo by sydney aiko hamamoto

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I’m blessed to exist within a vibrant interdependent ecosystem of creatives. I learn and grow as an artist by being in relationship with these creators.


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